Poffertjes (mini pancakes)

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FRITEL CW WaffleMaker
FRITEL Bakingseries poffertjes plate
FRITEL WaffleFork
Bowl + spatula


200 gr pastryflour (sieved)
15 gr freshyeast
400 ml milk (tepid=+- 30°C)
2 gr salt
5 gr sugar
1,5 teaspoonof dried yeast
1 egg
50 gr butter(melted)


Take theyeast and dissolve it in the tepid milk
Put the flourin a bowl and make a pit in the middle. Add the salt and the sugar on theedges. Pour the yeast mixture in the pit and mix until you have a smoothmixture.
Add the eggand then mix the yeast mixture in the dough. Add the melted butter and mix.
Cover with amoist cloth and let it rest for 10 minutes.
Take your FRITELWaffle Maker with the baking plates for poffertjes, turn the thermostat onposition 4 to 5 and heat up your Waffle Maker.
Take yourflask and fill it with the dough. Fill up the 15 wholes from the poffertjesbaking plate, close your Waffle Maker and bake for +/- 3 min.


If you donthave a special flask, you can use an empty bottle of for example ketchup.
Poffertjesare served hot!
Richlysprinkle icing sugar and real butter.