Mozzarella Sandwich

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FRITEL SW1450 - Sandwich Maker
FRITEL BL3170 - Blender


Toast Mozzarella:
Buffalo mozzarella
Parma ham
White toastbread
Green pesto:
100 gr.parmigiano
100 gr.pecorino
2 bushes ofbasil
2 cloves ofgarlic
Olive oil (20% virgin - 80 % soft) (use more virgin to get a spicier pesto)
Salt andpepper


Preparation green pesto:
Chop theparmigiano and pecorino in the FRITEL chopper
Add half ofthe oil, basil, garlic and some salt and pepper
Now taste andseason with the rest of the basil and the garlic
Chop oncemore
Then add therest of the olive oil until you have a solid mass. The pesto cannot be too liquid.V
Let the pestoa few hours in the fridge.
Preparation Mozzarellasandwich:
Carefullydrain the liquid from the buffalo mozzarella and cut some thin slices
Slice thetomatoes
Heat up yourFRITEL SW 1450.
Spread somepesto on 2 slices of toast bread.
Add Parmaham, mozzarella and tomatoes to the lower slice of bread.
Close withthe upper slice of bread and press firmly.
Grease thebaking plates of the SW 1450 with some melted butter.
Tip: use the FRITEL Silicone brush with reservoir.
Insert thesandwich in the appliance and close.
Dont grillthe sandwich for too long, otherwise the cheese will come out.