Chicory, ham and cheese gratin in a raclette pan

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FRITEL Raclette Grill RG 4180 or Stone Grill SG2180
FRITEL Warming Tray WT 2478 or Cordless Warming Tray WT 3498


Gastronomic miniature soil-grown chicory 
Cooked ham
Cheese sauce
Grated cheese
Pepper and salt


Cut the chicory into cubes of +/-1 cm or use the miniature chicory heads in their entirety. Caramelize the chicory and season with pepper, salt and nutmeg. 
Meanwhile, cut the slices of cooked ham into small cubes of +/- 1cm. Or slightly larger in relation to the chicory.
Put the chicory and ham together and stir. 
Prepare a classic cheese sauce. 
The choice is yours. Combine the sauce and the chicory/ham mixture and keep it warm or keep both warm separately on the FRITEL Warming Tray. 

In the raclette pans 
Put some of the chicory/ham mixture in a pan. Pour cheese sauce on top and sprinkle with grated cheese. 
Make a delicious gratin under the raclette grill!


Use smoked ham for extra flavour!