Pasta 4 formaggi in a raclette pan

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FRITEL Raclette Grill RG 4180 or Stone Grill SG2180
FRITEL Warming Tray WT 2478 or Cordless Warming Tray WT 3498


Spirelli or mini-spirelli
Olive oil
25 g butter
25 g flower
300 ml milk
Pepper and salt
Cheese, e.g. grated emmenthal, gorgonzola, mozzarella, parmesan


Cook the spirelli or mini spirelli beforehand according to the instructions on the package. Stir in a dash of olive oil so that they do not stick. 
Make a standard béchamel sauce. 
Then add the cheese to make a delicious cheese sauce. 
Attention: béchamel-based cheese sauce has a tendency to thicken if left standing for a while. If necessary, add some more milk just before putting it on the table and stir well again.
In a raclette pan:
Keep the pasta and sauce warm on the FRITEL Warming Tray.
Put some pasta and sauce in a raclette pan.
Sprinkle with extra grated cheese and leave to gratinate under the grill.


You can also add bacon cubes, pancetta, ham or smoked salmon,... to your sauce.
Instead of emmenthaler you can also use gruyere, parmesan can be replaced by pecorino or grana padano.
For extra spice in your cheese sauce you can add cayenne pepper or peppers, or replace the mozzarella with a spicier cheese such as provolone.