Croiffles with cheese and ham


CW 2458 Combi-Waffle maker 4x6


  • Canned croissant dough 
  • Ground cheese
  • Defatted ham


  • Heat the waffle iron on the highest setting, grease the baking trays with a little oil. 
  • Carefully remove the croissant dough from the tin. Use a wooden board to roll out the dough (not flour, as this will become granulated during baking). 
  • Cut a triangle from the rolled out dough, following the pre-shaped dotted line. Then cut the triangle in half. 
  • Put a slice of ham on one side, and sprinkle the ground cheese generously over it. 
  • Put the second half of the triangle on top.
  • Bake for approx. 5 to 6 minutes on stand 4. 
  • Serve the croiffle while it is still warm, accompanied by a green salad.


  • Be sure to use the CW 2458 - with baking trays for Brussels and Liège waffles - as the croiffle expands considerably during baking. 
  • Also try a croiffle with smoked salmon and herb cheese, or with mozzarella and pesto!