Chicory soup with smoked trout cream

4 servings


FRITEL Hand blender XXL HB 2870
FRITEL Hand blender XXL set HB 2879


2 shallots (chopped)
1 kg chicory (in pieces)
75 ml white wine
1, 5 L stock
2 tsp sugar
chopped chives
a little bit of butter
pepper and salt
coarsely ground pepper
80 gram smoked trout
2 tsp grain mustard
100 gram cream


Chop the shallot. Cut the chicory into pieces and chop the chives. 
Trout cream: Chop the trout with the FRITEL hand blender, add the grain mustard and mix with the cream. Season with coarsely ground pepper. Fry the shallot in some butter. Add the chicory and braise slightly. Add some white wine. Add the stock and the sugar and boil. 
Leave the soup to boil for circa 30 min. Mix thoroughly with the FRITEL hand blender. Then add the chives and mix some more. 
Season the soup with pepper and salt. 
Serve the chicory soup with the trout cream and finish with some extra chives.