4 servings


FRITEL Blender BL 3890


320 ml tomato passata
300 g cucumber without skin and seeds
2 garlic cloves
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
100 gr green peppers, without peel and grilled in the oven
ΒΌ sweet onion
For the topping: cubes of tomato, cubes of green pepper, cubes of bread, cubes of onion


Grill the paprika in the oven and remove the skin.
Cut the cucumber, green pepper and onion into large pieces
Mix this with the olive oil, tomato passata and garlic in the blender to a smooth soup
Choose your toppings to finish!


Dilute with sparkling water if the texture is too thick
Serve with ice cubes for an extra refreshing effect. Take ice cubes and crush them with our power blender